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Defaced Books — 4 of 4

Ladybird Books: Including Florence Nightingale, Puss in Boots and Your Body. Defaced by me and my siblings — too young to realise the beauty and value of what we were vandalising augmenting.

Top here is not a scribble but rub-down transfers from another era. The Herbs was a brilliant wee animated programme on BBC Children’s TV back in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

Florence and Puss have a more creative attempt at gilding, rather than mere destructive vandalism. The additions to Your Body speak for themselves… except why I drew a gun on the scapula, I have no idea.

The final post reads: “me / ?? / we will stele all there money and joularey and there trouser and there clothes all ther undre were / Dallas”.

Original artwork by John Kenney, Eric Winter and Robert Ayton, respectively. Additional artwork by me.

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